19 April 2012

Us plus newlyweds

We added a new member to our family (Aifaa's side)
 Hazwan and Norazima
14.4.12 (Ipoh)
15.4.12 (Port Dickson)

Loving someone and having them love you back is the most precious thing in the world
Us at the reception @ Port Dickson


Congratulations to Hazwan and Norazima

To Norazima, welcome to our family
To the newlyweds couple,
"You don't marry someone you can live with; you marry the person who you cannot live without"

-Qayyum & Aifaa-
Hoping to be under one roof soon

28 March 2012


celebrate? how do u define celebration?
after our trip to Medan, Indonesia (9/3/12 - 11/3/12)
We stopped by at the Petronas KLIA to manage and split our luggage (as we are heading to different places) 
Qayyum >> Paka
Aifaa >> Melaka,
Hazwan and Addy >> KL
Ayah and Ma >> Port Dickson
Mak and Adik >> Kemaman

the date where we celebrate our 1st anniversary
and the same date where Hazwan's 1st day working at TNB

we are happy
aren't you?

from left - ayah, mak, ma, adik, aifaa, qayyum, hazwan.
photographer - addy (thanks)

Love - a word that describes a lot to few and nothing to many
-Qayyum & Aifaa-

12 March 2012


one year after that day

Last month, we went to singapore, again.
Had fun exploring the country.

when can we actually can say those phrase? hmm... 

Qayyum is not big fan of MU. So do his wife... hehe~ 

Please pray for our happiness

-The secret of a happy marriage remains a secret-

Qayyum & Aifaa

12 December 2011



one year since the day we got ourselves engaged
nine months since we got ourselves married

this is us @ sungai petani, kedah (aifaa's dad hometown)
we celebrated the Aidiladha for 2011 there

True love is HARD to find, but even harder to HIDE

17 October 2011


home sweet home
white sand, blue waves, cold breeze


the sunset


13 October 2011


cameron this time

more pictures coming right up~ =)

n umm, last week we celebrated 7 years since we met. Alhamdullillah~
n yesterday... hehe
7months of marriage!

12 September 2011


this is us on the fourth day of aidilfitri
this year we celebrated the aidilfitri for the 1st time as husband n wife @ terengganu
the experience? hmm..
it was REAL FUN cuz we can celebrate the very special day with the very special person both at once!

Qayyum & Aifaa
been married for half a year

17 August 2011



Syukur to Allah

Ya Allah,
grant blessings and love between us

Please pray for our happiness
Qayyum & Aifaa
Gratefully married for 5months 5days

03 August 2011

us-here & there

darul iman, here we come
this is our pic from our trip to terengganu last may, Qayyum's hometown.

25 July 2011


now let the rings pose~
it took us more than a month for these rings-hunting
studied the 4C; Cut, Color, Clarity & Carat, yada yada~
it is quite an experience
anyway, we had fun...